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Our lifestyle: healthy enjoyment, less sugar, great taste

less sugar – better life

Our SUGAREX philosophy: Food and beverages without added sugar, with little added sugar and with natural sweeteners. Suitable for diabetics.

As a result of eating habits and the immense offer in a wide variety of foods and drinks, we often add too much sugar to our body. The more we are informed about certain products, the easier it is to optimize your own weight.
The risk of diseases (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, vascular diseases) can be reduced by consuming less sugar.
Pay attention and consciously avoid foods with a high sugar content and especially refined sugar.

planned products


What does SugareX stand for?

SUGAREX would like to make it easier for you to eat more consciously.
Provide your body with reduced amounts of sugar through improved foods and beverages.


In everyday life we ​​are exposed to many temptations. By repeatedly thinking about the SUGAREX philosophy and choosing one of the growing numbers of SUGAREX products, the sugar intake will be reduced.


Make other people aware that high sugar consumption can be harmful.
We strive to develop products that are optimized according to SUAREX criteria so that you can enjoy yourself with a good feeling.

What products will sugarEX offer?

We are still in the start-up phase, but have already issued the first licenses.
You will soon find links to our partners and products in our shop here!

What does SugareX offer cooperation partners?

SUGAREX is a self-explanatory brand that can be used for numerous products. The trademark is registered in the EU (and Great Britain), Switzerland and the USA.

Does SugareX issue licenses?

Yes, the first license agreements have been concluded.
We intend to issue further product-specific licenses.

What criteria do products have to meet for which a SugareX license can be purchased?

Food and drinks:
  • no added sugar
  • with little added sugar
  • with a significantly reduced proportion of sugar compared to the product launched on the market
  • with nature-based sweeteners that the metabolism can process