Our sugarEX philosophy

less sugar – better life

Food and beverages:
without added sugar
with less sugar
suitable for diabetics
with nature-based sweeteners.

There are numerous products (food, beverages) in which one does not expect that sugar, sweeteners or sugar substitutes are added:
e.g. mustard, muesli, pizza, tonic water, smoothies, flavored water.
To do this, we would like to sharpen your attention and create products that meet our criteria!
SUGAREX: Our way to more vitality and well-being!

No added sugar

Clearly, products without any added sugar are our favorites.

Low added sugar

... reduced sugar makes the difference! The will to do something good should help you!

Natural sweetness

There are many ways to avoid refined sugar these days. An example ours SugarEX - Sticks for sweetening cafés, tea, and and and ... you can find them in our shop

Sugar-reduced stars

Many brands are doing their best to adapt their well-known product to the recipe and use less sugar: E.g. our partner Rohner Magenbrot AG with his new Magenbrot "sugarEX".

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